Welcome to Everetts Wood Products!

Everett's Wood Products LLC is.....

  • A lumber distribution company - We have an extensive knowledge of lumber species, and offer more species and sizes than most.

  • A flooring manufacturer and distributor - We have the ability to manufacture custom floors and floor patterns. We also distribute many different types of floors including laminate. 

  • A stair part manufacturer and distributor - When you need a stair tread, riser, hand rail, t-mould, starter tread and riser, in Wenge or some other uncommon specie where can you get it? Everetts Wood Products! We custom manufacture most any item in most any specie.

  • A Moulding manufacturer and distributor - We manufacture and distribute standard and custom mouldings in most any specie. We don't make finger jointed or MDF, but if you want correctly milled mouldings - we can do it.

  • An Accessory Distributor - Since you already need to call us for your lumber, floor, stair parts, or mouldings, why waste another call for underlay, glue, nails, or sundries? We offer a full line of accessories.

Our goal is to provide you quality products, great service, at a fair price. You need materials to do your work. We want to make the procurement of those materials as easy as possible.

Please let us know what we can do help!